Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the tattoos usually last?

They last for approximately 5 days. 


How can I make my tattoo last longer?

a) Place it on a location where there is minimal hair. The movement of hair wears down the adhesive more quickly.

b) Don't put on lotion right after you get out of the tub/shower. The combination breaks through the adhesive. 

c) Don't touch it!

d) Rub the tattoo on well when you place it, BEFORE you use water to remove the backing. 

e) Stay away from dirt. The dirt will discolor the clear portion of the tattoo.


How can I make my tattoo look more real?

Apply a small amount of sunscreen around the edges. It will make it have more of a matte finish. 


How can I remove my tattoo?

a) Apply a piece of tape to the tattoo, leaving enough tape for you to pull up. It may take a few times, but the tape will remove the tattoo. *Note: do not use this method on small children. 

b) Put baby oil or rubbing alcohol on the tattoo for about a minute, then gently rub to remove. 

c) The easiest time to remove the tattoo is after a shower when the tattoo is still wet. 


Is the tattoo waterproof?

Yes, the tattoo is designed to be waterproof. However, do not apply lotion on the tattooed location directly after being in the water. The combination breaks through the adhesive. 


Are there more colors?

At this time, the only color offered is black. Check back for additional products in the future. 


Can I make a custom tattoo order?

Yes! Please email for more information. 


What is your return policy?

All tattoo orders are final sale.