About Me

Who am I? 

I am a regular, run of the mill girl who grew up in Utah. I love dogs, traveling, and all things Disney. I enjoy hiking, being near any body of water, and spending quality time with loved ones. A few friends and I have a bucket list for every season of the year, which keeps me feeling alive and adventurous. I love being creative, watching rom-coms, and I do a crazy good Gollum impression. 

I am also someone who has struggled with severe depression, anxiety, weight and confidence issues my whole life. I know what it’s like to believe you don’t belong, or that you’ll never be enough. I deeply understand the terrible things we tell ourselves every single day. However, with affirmations, mindfulness, great support and a whole ton of therapy, I’ve come to know that I am worthwhile. I am important and I can make a difference. While I still struggle with the things listed above, they do not define me, or dictate how my story goes. There are so many great things to live for! And I am worthy of them all! I embrace openness and authenticity, so know that I’ll be real with you. I’m in this for the long haul, affirmations in hand. Will you join me?



Why Affirmed Co?

I believe, with my whole heart, that every single person on this planet deserves to know and feel their importance. Too often and for too long we have silently attacked ourselves, consistently grinding our confidence, our perception of worth and ability, and our potential down to dust. Everyone has something amazing to offer this world. Everyone is important and everyone matters. I want to create a discussion, community, and movement of self-love and encouragement of each other. If we work together and help each other, small changes can lead to tremendous results and we can change thoughts, our lives, and the world, one affirmation at a time.